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Fur Baby Momma - DASF

Denton Animal Support Foundation

All purchases will be made to order after order period has ended. Order period opens April 9th - 23rd, all orders will be processed 2-3 days after order period concludes.

Supporting DASF's many programs, such the Adoption Subsidy Fund and The Emergency Medical Fund. 

Fur Baby Momma - DASF


Fur Baby Momma - DASF


Is your pet a fur child? The Fur Baby Momma Tee is perfect then. 

Asphalt Grey on super soft blended tee.

Design created by Swash Labs for DASF. 

All purchases are made to order after order period has ended. Order period opens April 9th - 23rd, orders will be processed 2-3 days after order period closes.

Funds from these shirts will go towards supporting DASF's many programs, such the Adoption Subsidy Fund which lowers the cost of adoption for “harder to place” pets such as older and special needs animals.  This allows special animals a second chance at a forever home. These proceeds will also support the Emergency Medical Fund, which provides a subsidy to the shelter for medical assistance in situations of minor injury/illness, allows more animals the opportunity to be adopted. We also provide general shelter support to ensure that the Linda McNatt Animal Care and Adoption Center has needed supplies. 

To skip shipping select LOCAL PICKUP if you live in Denton. All LOCAL PICK UP items can be picked up on April 30th at Oak St. Draft House from 7-9pm



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More about DASF

DASF was founded in 2006 with the goal of partnering with the City of Denton to build a new, state-of-the-art animal shelter and services facility. In 2011, DASF completed a $2.0 million capital campaign toward the construction of the new Linda McNatt Animal Care & Adoption Center, which opened in January 2015. This $4.2 million facility replaced the 35 yr-old outdated city of Denton shelter. DASF continues to raise money, market and educate.

As a community we're up against serious challenges, including unintentional animal abuse, organized dog fighting and hoarding. Pets are at-risk due to economic factors, domestic violence, hoarding, indifference and other issues. Almost 5,400 dogs and cats annually enter the Denton shelter – a 10% increase in one year. 55,000 pets or more in the next 10 years!

Our mission is to “Save more Denton area animals” and in 2016 we started our newest program, Safe Haven. DASF has partnered with the Denton County Friends of the Family and the City of Denton Police Department to enable victims of domestic violence to leave dangerous situations without leaving beloved pets behind. DASF has committed to paying for the boarding services of pets of domestic violence victims who seek shelter at the DCFOF facility. The Pet Safe Haven Program provides secure private boarding for pets of domestic violence victims while their owners relocate. This unique program offers safety and escape for pets and their owners.

Thank you for supporting DASF.