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1017 Shady Oaks Dr. STE 300
Denton, TX, 76205


Pan Ector Industries is a Screen Printing shop in the Denton, Dallas + Ft. Worth area of Texas, specializing in custom wholesale printing + on-site event live screen printing.


Good things will come to those who work hard and never stop working. 


Y'all like to party?

Michael Little

2014 is bringing a great deal of change for Pan Ector.
Our designer Whitney Smith has left us, but not before working on an internal re-brand.
We have this new website that answers more of your questions, showcases our new branding, and just plain makes us happy.

Most importantly, we're moving into a new facility on January 28th. We've only been in our current location for about 18 months, but we needed more space. We're sad to leave the downtown area, but we'll only be 1.9 miles away.

Once we get settled into the Shady Oaks location, we'll likely have a party, so keep an eye out for that.
Until then, we're having a moving out party at our current location, on the 24th. Check out the event page.

Maybe by then w'ell figure out how to stream our Tumblr here too.