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1017 Shady Oaks Dr. STE 300
Denton, TX, 76205


Pan Ector Industries is a Screen Printing shop in the Denton, Dallas + Ft. Worth area of Texas, specializing in custom wholesale printing + on-site event live screen printing.

Design + Illustration

We offer a wide range of design + illustration services beyond work for screen printing.

Print File Preparation

This is a daily job for us. If you have a design or file that just needs some digital wizardry, don't hesitate to contact us. Our print file preparation goes beyond preparing screens for printing. Whether you need some great halftone for your shirt design or you need help getting your product packaging design ready for mass production, we can help. You can also visit our file prep page for some general guidelines.

Concept Finishing

We know what it's like to get stuck on a project, so we're happy to help you finish out your ideas. We take direction well too!

Custom Designs + Illustrations

We love getting to flex our abilities in design and illustration. We usually start off any project with a conversation about your ideas, the goals of the project, and what the final work will be used for. We then put together style boards with a few options of different directions, and will show progress work along the way to allow for revisions and adjustments. Keep in mind, the clearer and more honest you are in the beginning will save us all time and money!